Undetectable = Untransmittable Ambassadors

The Prevention Access Campaign U=U Ambassadors, launched in 2019, is a group of leading advocates, activists and healthcare professionals across the country who have played important roles in building the Undetectable = Untransmittable movement.  All ambassadors have gone through training in the basic U=U science, communications, and advocacy strategies. Working together, we are educating and building the capacity of providers and communities to integrate the U=U message into sexual health communications, advocacy, and clinical practice.


If you are interested in engaging* one of our ambassadors for community events, speaking engagements, trainings, or more, please contact us.

U=U Mississippi Ambassadors
As a part of a research project in partnership with The Henne Group and funded by ViiV Healthcare, the below four ambassadors will be dedicated full-time to working to share U=U information across Mississippi in early 2021.
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Brittany Bass

Mississippi U=U Ambassador

Brittany Bass is an Army wife to Specialist Terry Jones Jr. and mother to son, TJ and daughter, Noelle. Currently enrolled in Jackson State University – Master of Social Work Program, Britany looks forward to furthering her career advocating for vulnerable adults. As a fellow Mississippian, Brittany is aware of the increasing HIV diagnosis that is on a steady rise in the south. Brittany’s initial interest in working with the LGBTQ and HIV community peaked during her time working in Chancery Court and Adult Protection Services. In her new role as a Campaign Ambassador, Brittany is excited to be a voice of reason and compassion while educating her community on the mission of U=U. 
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LS Jones

Mississippi U=U Ambassador

LS Jones is a native Mississippian, hailing from Canton, MS. LS currently resides in Jackson, MS. He is a graduate of Tougaloo College with a BA in Voice, and is currently completing his last courses for a MA-Teaching from Belhaven University. Landros is an Independent Consultant and proprietor of LSJ Consultation, Training and Work Solutions.
Landros has been living with HIV for over 6 years now and has pushed through debilitating HIV stigma to become a proud, out front and open voice for people living with HIV. Advocate,Teacher, Singer, Author, Subject Matter Expert, and Preacher are a few of the many descriptors for the work that LS does. He is also a Community Health Worker and Public Speaker with efforts to reduce HIV Stigma while ultimately ending the HIV Epidemic. Mr. Jones brings a wealth of knowledge, lived experience and resources, having been trained as an HIV Peer Educator in one of the most successful Peer Programs in the US.
Mr. Jones demonstrates unique ability, experience and expertise as a PLWH successfully, having managed to turn his own care around for the better. By modeling healthy practices, educating on HIV Science and Health Literacy, as well as U=U his intent is to provide hands on guidance to clients in how to successfully manage their own care, become Undetectable, and live freely without fear of HIV transmission. 
Zundra Bateaste-Sutton Photo 12.01.2020.

Zundra Bateaste-Sutton

Mississippi U=U Ambassador

Zundra Bateaste-Sutton is a Mississippi-born Forensic Epidemiologist & Biostatistician. She is the Co-founder and Executive Director of CryOut Teen Organization, a nonprofit designed with the mission of “changing youths’ outlook on life.”
As the fifth child of eight and a “GRITS” -a Girl Raised In The South- Zundra realized that life would never be a cakewalk even with hardworking parents. So she would not abandon her principles and NEVER back down. Those values pressed her to fight the AIDS epidemic. 
Zundra is a certified HIV/AIDS Train the Trainer, Labels Table Facilitator, Certified Health Education Specialist, PAM-IT Program Coordinator, Specialized Peer Counselor, Lead Youth Educator, Stigmas Stink Diplomat, and McRae Girl’s Home Two of Us Program Director. She distributed over 60,000 free contraceptives through the HBCU Tour (paired with national Sororities/Fraternities) that she and her son started in 2016. Zundra has been a public speaker for over 16 years. She has also written 14 grants and 67 mini-grants, focusing on access to healthcare, inequities in education, and stamping out stigmas.
Zundra was employed by the Mississippi State Department of Health. She was the State Evaluator and worked closely with the MSDH STD/HIV Office, American Civil Liberties Union, ManUp Mississippi, M2M Mentor Program, and the Mississippi Rural Health Association. 
Zundra received the Mississippi Distinction Fundraising Award 2008-2010. She is a member of the National Health Honorary Eta Sigma Gamma, Alpha Iota Chapter (President 2002-2004). Zundra was featured in the Jacksonian after publishing the first of her three novels, Nothing Short of Amazing: Truly Awesome. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and her graduate and post-graduate degrees from Jackson State University and The University of Mississippi Medical Center.  
Outside of her diligent advocacy efforts, Zundra is a devoted wife to her loving husband, Dallas, and an active mother to her daughter, Dallas Rai, and son, Jaidon. She is the youth director at her local church and enjoys singing and playing the piano. 
Zundra’s motto is: “Try to give more to this world than you take from it!”
U=U Traditional Ambassadors
The below advocates were trained in 2019 and 2020 to be traditional U=U Ambassadors.

Achim Howard

New Orleans, Louisiana

Achim Jeremiah Howard, a native of Washington, DC, is a leader, mentor, father figure, advocate, activist, mentor, construction worker, minister, and humanitarian.
Since learning he was HIV positive in 2010, Achim has become explosively active in his community as a mentor to other transmen. After identifying a need for safe spaces for transmen in DC, he opened his home and founded TransMen Rising. TransMen Rising creates a safe space for Transmen to come together to discuss education, self-care, empowerment, HIV awareness and prevention, as well as other important issues. Achim is no stranger to overcoming obstacles–he was homeless for five years, dealt with domestic violence, experienced mental and physical abuse as a child, and was sexually assaulted as an adult, which resulted in him becoming HIV positive.
Achim’s community service involvement includes membership in Alpha Omega Kappa Fraternity, Incorporated, serving on the board of directors at Whitman Walker Health, and membership on the Positively Trans Advisory Board. He also has a distinguished list of accomplishments, which include being the first transgender apprentice of the year and the first transgender individual to be a member of the Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons Local Union 891; the first transgender to work at Capitol Paving of D.C., Inc. (where he physically transitioned in his third year of working and is in his eleventh year of working there); and the first trans minister at Bethel Christian Church of Washington, D.C. He was inducted into the Heroes Exhibit of DC in 2015, and he has helped fight for cultural competency training in the workplace. His commitment to paving the way for others has led to instrumental policy change.
Achim believes in standing up for something or falling for anything. He is a true believer of standing up and speaking for those who can’t do it for themselves as he demonstrated in September of 2017 during the United States Conference on AIDS (USCA) when he led a protest in response to lack of data and representation of transgender people during the conference.
He is the father of two beautiful young ladies, and 20 young transmen. He is committed to advocacy and activism and his favorite quote is his own, “We all hold the key to our own destiny. It is up to us to turn the key, push the door open, grab hold to what is yours and keep the door open for others to follow. If you want anything bad enough fight for it and never give up. Once you claim what is yours, help others get theirs and never forget where you came from.”

Alecia Tramel-McIntyre

Miami, Florida

Alecia Tramel-McIntyre is passionate and is committed to her advocacy and helping to educate, promote awareness, prevention and a better quality of life for people living with HIV. 
Alecia was diagnosed in 2000 in Miami, Fl. A proud mother of 3 wonderful children. Her last child was born after diagnosis in 2002 and is not positive. Alecia has spoken for organizations, public schools, community health events, conferences, and churches. She has sat on several boards and has made an array of media appearances. Alecia is the founder of Positive People Network, Inc, a non- profit organization whose mission is
 -To change the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS.
 -To empower, strengthen and uplift All People Living with HIV/AIDS.
Alecia has a social media presence where she posts helpful updated information about HIV/AIDS.  Pozitively Alecia Miami has social media presence where she posts helpful updated information about HIV/AIDS. Alecia is the Florida State Lead for Positive Women’s Network, a member of BTAN, The Southern Aids Coalition, Florida Community Health Worker Coalition, Florida HIV Justice Coalition, previous Member of Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership,  present member of The Community Coalition of The Partnership, Blogger for A Girl Like Me: The Well Project, Member of The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Florida HIV/Aids Advocacy Network, Inductee in Leading Women”s Society,  A member of The MillionHeiress  Club LLC, The Ambassador of Health for Catalyst Miami 2011 - 2019, and  A Board Member of Women’s March Miami. Alecia is motivated to do all that she can to help eradicate stigma and she has helped on the ground floor to help re-citizens receive their voting rights restored through Amendment 4. Being the Field Organizer for Color of Change during the 2018 elections in Florida. Also as a member of the Florida Organizing for Power team to get the Positive Vote with PWN, USA. And last but not least, A 20201 U=U Ambassador for Prevention Access.  Proudly empowering and educating the community on the facts and science of Undetectable =Untransmittable and loving it. 
"There is Life after Diagnosis, Live It."

Alleen King-Carter

Shreveport, Louisiana

Alleen King-Carter is the Founder & CEO of Living in 3-D and a recognized community leader in providing HIV education and anti-stigma information throughout the State of Louisiana. She began her HIV career at the Philadelphia Center in Shreveport, LA. Living in 3-D is an organization dedicated to HIV education and anti-stigma work in communities. Alleen is an experienced motivational speaker and also coordinates other educators for Living in 3-D speaking engagements at churches, high schools, colleges, and correctional facilities. As a woman living with HIV, diagnosed in 2008 and living with an
undetectable viral load since 2009, she believes that the power of people telling their stories to educate others is an important strategy toward ending the HIV epidemic. Living in 3D sponsors the annual Love Day in the Park, raising HIV awareness and working with the community to ensure that accurate and needed information is readily available. Facing Our Issues is a specific Living in 3-D project created to educate pastors and clergy on HIV and the destructive impact of stigma.
Alleen is also a state-certified HIV Counseling Testing Specialist, Peer Facilitator for SIHLE, state-licensed CNA/CMA/ DSW and a member of the Louisiana HIV Criminalization Strategic Planning Committee. She is the new chair of LAAN. and the newly Governor-appointed Commissioner to the LA. HIV/HCV/Hep C Education, Research, and Prevention Commission. She was honored in 2016 (celebrating and spotlighting advocates and activists in the fight against HIV in the Deep South) and 2017 ( celebrating and spotlighting women in the fight against the virus), as a POZ 100 honoree.
Beyond her work addressing HIV, Alleen is also an active leader in her
church, helping start a soup kitchen and food pantry. She is also an assistant youth director and music director to her church choir. Alleen’s commitment to social justice and giving back to her community is a driving force in all of her work.

Anselmo Fonseca

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Anselmo Fonseca is a New Yorker born in Brooklyn, 57 years ago.
He is an HIV+ Gay Latino man, he is son, brother and uncle, as well as being longtime survivor of 28 years.

His work has been recognized by Poz Magazine Top 100 in 2010, as well as by the Obama administration as one of the 350 most influential National Advocates, during the launch of the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2010. His advocacy expands over 20 years, defending those nameless and faceless outcasts of society due to stigma and discrimination, as well as for Puerto Rico’s very complex Health Care System in especially relating to HIV quality care and it’s ongoing operational disparities.
He is the Ryan White Part B Community Co-chair, for over 6 years, where he mentors 9 HIV+ peer representatives on the many aspects of Strategic Planning and Ryan White Quality Care Program. Many of these peers are also active members in the “Coalition Cero HIV PR”, which he co-founded and
facilitates with the support of AIDS United.
Born out of necessity to strengthen Non-Governmental Organizations in anticipation of drastic cuts to state budgets from the “Fiscal Oversight Board” and all negative impacts relating to healthcare, this is a network CBOs or traditional AIDS Services Organizations, state clinical providers, private sector and local community leaders. Anselmo is officially AIDS United’s, Program Manager in Puerto Rico.

Arianna Lint

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Arianna Lint is the Executive Director of  Arianna's Center, a community-based organization that provides advocacy, education and training, case management and linkage to care for transgender men and women in the South Florida area. She is a part of the National Board of PositivilyTrans, Prevention Access Campaign, and The Well Project. She is a refugee and lawyer from Lima, Peru. Arianna has spoken at dozens of trans and HIV-related conferences and has consulted for the White House's National HIV/AIDS Strategy, CDC, and Universities Nationwide. She is an outspoken advocate for transwomen living with HIV, U=U, PrEP access in the transgender community, immigration, and social justice. 

Brady Dale Etzkorn-Morris

Nashville, Tennessee

Brady Dale Etzkorn-Morris is a national HIV advocate and public speaker living in Nashville, Tennessee.  After receiving an AIDS diagnosis in July 2009, Brady began a downward spiral into drugs, alcohol, and depression that led him down a path that resulted in several suicide attempts. When an acquaintance approached Brady saying he too had recently been diagnosed as HIV+ and needed help in what steps he should take next, Brady had a “light bulb” moment and intuitively knew he had found his life’s passion. Brady got sober and has dedicated himself to helping those newly diagnosed with HIV while also combating the stigma that continues in our community surrounding HIV.  As an independent health advocate, he uses his reach on social media to promote factual and accurate health information in relation to living with and preventing HIV.
After learning about UequalsU in April of 2016, Brady was one of the first outspoken advocates disseminating this game changing message. His advocacy work helped influence the New York Department of Health, Metro Nashville Health Department, National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO,) and the Tennessee Department of Health to sign onto the UequalsU consensus statement. Brady is also a staunch advocate for modernizing HIV criminal laws and helping improve access to care by reducing health disparities.  Additionally, Brady serves on the Nashville Mayor’s Ending the HIV Epidemic Advisory Council, has served on the Nashville Regional HIV Planning Council (Ryan White Part A) for the past five years of which he’s served as Co-Chair of the council for the last 4 years, and Team Friendly Tennessee.
Bryan Jones _resized.jpg

Bryan C. Jones

Cleveland, Ohio

Bryan Jones has been thriving with AIDS for over 34 years and has been an Advocate/Activist for half that time. He is a National Founding member of the Undetectable =Untransmittable campaign (U=U) and the founder of the DIRT (Direct, Inspiring, Reachable, Teachable) Advocacy Movement, an initiative that addresses communities of color with conversations that look like us, talk like us, and live like us. DIRT works to hold health departments accountable to the communities they serve. He is a voting member of both the Cleveland HIV Planning Council and the Ryan White Regional Advisory Group. Bryan has presented nationally on mass incarceration, housing instability and HIV, and U=U and was very instrumental in the forming of the Ohio health modernization movement whose mission is to modernize the HIV non-disclosure laws in Ohio. Bryan has been a part of the SERO Project HIV Is Not A Crime National Training Academy for three consecutive years, helping to develop policies and practices for states around the country who are modernizing and revising their HIV criminalization laws.
Bryan is the proud recipient of The Equitas Health 2016 Midwestern Trailblazer Award for lifelong commitment to the LGBTQ community and HIV/AIDS and the Equitas Health 2016 Midwestern Community Advocate Award. Bryan also has performed his one man theatrical piece throughout the U.S and abroad entitled “A.I.>D.S….and I Die Slowly.” He is a proud Rattler and Graduate of Florida A&M University with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism.
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Deirdre Sparks

Richmond, Virginia

Since 2000, Deirdre has lived, learned, and experienced HIV on her own terms. She utilizes her sense of humor and lively personality to openly share her medicine and medical adherence journey with the world using #MedsWillMakeMeDance. Deirdre is transparent about how she is not allowing HIV to have control of her, but fearlessly taking control of HIV. Deirdre is a native of Virginia and has worked as an educator, case manager, and speaker, however, she is most passionate about eradicating stigma, ending criminalization of people living with HIV, combating racial injustice, health disparities, and being an active Partner in Change. 

While performing outreach she heard of a training that would bring more education to the African – American woman on HIV/AIDS prevention, self-esteem, gender pride, relationship issues, healthy decision making, and other women-related topics through a five-session series of discussions.  In less than 2 years, Miss Johnson has had the opportunity to facilitate the SISTA Project (Sistas Informing Sistas on the Topic of AIDS) for over 350 African-American Women between the ages of 18 – 34.  She has also been interviewed by local ABC, NBC and has graced the front page of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond.com, and features in HIVPLUS.ORG and Positively Aware Magazine.
Currently, she promotes healthy life choices using life experiences as an educational tool for all ages and walks of life via Deirdre Speaks.  She is candid, honest, and open about HIV/AIDS, women’s rights, and HIV criminalization

She currently resides in the Central Virginia area and is mostly remembered as “the woman that talks openly about HIV/AIDS”, healthy relationships, and everyday issues that affect us all.  Many may know her, but few ever forget her name after hearing her story, laughing at her jokes, dancing, and sampling one of the prevention products that she designs. 

Her favorite quote is “Minutes +/-moments = lifetime.  It takes a minute to complete a task, a moment to make (or not make) a difference to equal a lifetime of good or bad memories, so make every minute and moment count for a lifetime of great memories”, which she coined herself. If you ever get to see her present, be prepared to laugh, cry, and be edutained by a passionate and dynamic speaker on sensitive topics with the hope of a lifetime of good prevention and decision making messages to pass on to the next generation.

Hydeia Broadbent

Las Vegas, Nevada

At birth, Hydeia Broadbent was abandoned at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas where Loren and Patricia Broadbent adopted her as an infant. Although her HIV condition was congenital, she was not diagnosed as HIV-positive with advancement to AIDS until age three. Now, Hydeia spends her time spreading the message of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, by: promoting abstinence, safe-sex practices (for people who choose to have sex), and HIV/AIDS Awareness and prevention.
Hydeia Broadbent began her debut as an HIV/AIDS activist and public speaker at six years old.  By 12 years old, Hydeia appeared on many national television programs including Oprah, 20/20, Good Morning America, and “A Conversation with Magic Johnson” on Nickelodeon. She has been featured in prominent publications to include; New York Times, People, Teen People, Essence, Ebony and Sister 2 Sister. Hydeia also had the honor of co-graced the cover of TV Guide in 2005. Hydeia has also taken part many of America’s talk radio programs including, The Michael Eric Dyson Show, Russ Parr Morning Show, and The Tom Joyner Morning Show. 2014 The OWN Network (The Oprah Winfrey Network) featured Hydeia on “Oprah’s Where Are They Now”, to date Hydeia is one of the most requested update by fans.
Over the past 10 years, Hydeia has become a notable speaker and guest panelist at many of America’s most respected educational institutions including but not limited to Duke University, Spelman, UCLA, USC, and Howard University.
Not since Ryan White has a young person spoke out, on an international level, so passionately about having the virus. Hydeia is one of few young activists to follow in his footsteps and speak out on an international level about being effected by the HIV/AIDS virus.  Broadbent is also considered a pioneer as the first African-American youth to speak up and speak out about the epidemic. Ebony Magazine named Hydeia one of the Most Influential 150 African Americans in 2008 and 2011. 

Jacen Zhu

Washington, D.C.

Jacen Zhu is a Black, queer community health activist and advocate. With personal experience as his foundation, he uses his platform to address and bring awareness to issues affecting other queer people of color (POC) like HIV/AIDS, sexual health, substance use, sex work and mental health. Jacen has created initiatives like #TakedownTina and collaborated with community health institutions such as PrEP Squad DC on projects like “Undetectable Man” to spread the message of U=U (Undetectable equals Untransmittable) in communities of color.
Jacen began his journey within the House and Ballroom Community as a member of the “House of Princess.” Shortly after leaving the house he joined Kai Balenciaga's new venture, the House of Epic, winning his first major ball for Butch Queen Face (BQ Face) at The Latex Ball 2010 as Adonis Epic. After a several-year hiatus, Jacen has made his return to the ballroom scene as a member of the Legendary International House of Comme Des Garçons' CDG Pro, which takes a multidisciplinary approach to servicing disenfranchised LGBTQ communities in order to ensure that personal well-being, safety, care, and emotional/mental support can be achieved.
Jacen has made a commitment to building a better community. Jacen has embraced his role as a “U=U Ambassador” and the fight to combat all forms of stigma. 
For more information about Jacen visit http://www.prepsquaddc.org/Uman/
kevin maloney.jpg

Kevin Maloney (Ambassador Emeritus)

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Kevin Maloney is the founder of RiseUpToHIV, a social media project created in 2011 with the aim of reducing HIV stigma, inspiring hope, and empowering lives through photos, storytelling, and information sharing. RiseUpToHIV social media reaches approximately 3 million people annually. In 2013 he created the No Shame About Being HIV+ campaign, and continues to create low cost, high impact anti-stigma initiatives. Most recently he designed Facebook frames for World AIDS Day 2020 that were downloaded by 10,000 people around the world. All in his spare time, in his bedroom – an army of one.
He is a social media ambassador for TheBody.com, and has worked on various projects as a consultant for Janssen Pharmaceuticals a division of Johnson & Johnson. He worked for a year in Washington D.C. to raise awareness, and advocate for PLWHA on the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), and received the ADAP emerging leader of the year award in 2013 from the ADAP Advocacy Association (AAA+). He became a founding steering committee member of Prevention Access in 2016 and continues to be a champion of the Undetectable = Untransmittable campaign.
In September 2020, after 20 combined years working in the travel industry, due to the devastating effects COVID had on the industry he departed American Express Global Business Travel to pursue his passion – to work full time in the HIV field. Kevin was Diagnosed with HIV in March 2001 while living in New York City, and with sexually transmitted Hepatitis C. He cured HCV in 2002. Kevin is excited for the next chapter in his life, and is proud to be one of PAC’s newest Ambassador’s.

Luis Mares, LMSW

New York, New York

Luis A. Mares, LMSW is the Director of Community Mobilization programs at the Latino Commission on AIDS, working in the planning, developing and implementing of the National Awareness campaigns: National Latino AIDS
Awareness Day (NLAAD) and National Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day (NHHAD), with which the Commission coordinates efforts nationwide with partners in every state and US territory to provide education, outreach,
training and create awareness in the Latino community in the HIV and Hepatitis area. Luis is also a NYU Silver School of Social Work Field Supervisor for 2 nd year MSW Interns.

Luis is also part of the End the Epidemic (ETE) Non English Speaking, New Immigrants and Migrant Farmworkers advisory subcommittee for the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute, the AIDS United Community
Mobilization Subcommittee, the NYC AIDS World Day Event Planning Committee, the HepFree NYC LGBT Committee, the NYC Hepatitis Awareness Event Planning Committee, and the NYC Latino Immigration Rapid Response Coalition Initiative Committee.

Luis began his professional career as an MD in his native Peru, where he graduated from Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia Medical School in 1993. Luis passed the ECFMG exams in 1995-1996 and then moved to New
York City in 1997. Almost immediately started to work in the HIV/AIDS field and from 1998 to 2012 he worked helping the homeless community infected with HIV, initially as the Health Care Coordinator and then as the Program Director at the Jamaica Transitional Housing Program located at the Jamaica YMCA in Queens, acting as the Director of the Residence Department for the Jamaica YMCA at the same time.

Luis received his Master in Social Work in 2017 from New York University and joined the Latino Commission on AIDS.

Maria Mejia

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Maria is the co-author of the book "From a Warrior’s Passion and Pain," a real-life account of her 30-year battle with HIV and AIDS. She is currently the co-chair of the Women and Minorities Outreach for the Dab the AIDS BEAR project. Maria is an ambassador for the CDCs  “Let’s Stop HIV Together / Detengamos el VIH Juntos" campaign, “The Stigma Project," The Well Project, and the Greater than AIDS (IPV, Women, HIV, and Women) Empowered campaign.
Diagnosed with HIV in 1991 and infected in 1988 at the age of 15, Maria began a long journey finding hope, pride, and passion in an undereducated society unprepared to deal with the growing epidemic of HIV and AIDS. After ten years without treatment, Maria found herself at a crossroads. She could begin medical treatment or continue to slide towards death. Thankfully she chose to live and to fight for more than just her own health.
Maria is a volunteer for the Red Cross, an HIV educator and tester for Jackson Memorial Hospital, a motivational speaker all over the globe, an HIV consultant, and a member of several advisory boards, including Janssen Pharmaceuticals and The Well Project. She sits on the Board of Directors for CANN and Ariana's Center and is currently representing the state of Florida as an advisor and consultant for Gilead's Compass Initiative.

Roscoe Boyd

New York, New York

Roscoe is Executive Vice President of External Relations at SLAY MEDIA HOUSE, the leading online entertainment destination for Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC). He has more than 15 years of experience in sales, leadership, public speaking, and education. 
A long-term survivor of HIV (diagnosed in 2001), Roscoe has been a change agent and volunteer with organizations including Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, The HIV Stops With Me Campaign, New York State Department of Health, The Roeper School, FPWA, Inc, Morehouse Manhattan Alumni Association; and Prevention Access Campaign’s Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) Movement.
Roscoe has also developed a speaking platform broadly focused on health among LGBTQ people, and on sharing his lived experience as a queer/gay man of color who is living his best life with HIV. Roscoe is a native of Detroit, Michigan and earned a bachelor of arts in music from Morehouse College and, as a Teach for America alumnus, a master of science in teaching from Fordham University. 

Stacy Jennings

Columbia, South Carolina

Stacy Jennings is a woman living with HIV for 25 years. She states that HEAVEN is IN her VIEW and believes that “God is truly able".Stacy received her diagnosis October 17, 1995 and she thought her life would be over but little did she know that what started out being a devastating diagnosis ended up being a blessing. She is able to speak up and speak out about her disease and is no longer ashamed. She has a 27 year old son whom is HIV negative and gave birth to a healthy baby boy after 20 years in March of 2014.
Unfortunately, he didn't make it because of the tremendous amount of stigma that still exists within our community and in our world. In spite of it all and because of it all Stacy has chosen to live on and be all that she can be for the next person. A year later, Stacy met her hero, Mr. Bruce Richman, the founder of U equals U and now her life has changed forever. She dreams of sharing this life-changing event to everyone, that they too may have the opportunity to live and be free. Her motto is that of Muhammad Ali, to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” because of U=U, she will forever be free. Stacy loves writing poetry and singing and is inspired to write about all facets of life. She dreams of sharing her story to all that are inclined to hear because telling her story will allow her to continue to bring down this disease, allowing her to become a stronger woman because of it.
Tez Anderson Headshot.png

Tez Anderson

San Francisco, California

Tez Anderson has lived with HIV since 1983. He founded Let’s Kick ASS—AIDS Survivor Syndrome in 2013 with the mission of “empowering HIV Long-Term Survivors (HLTS) to thrive.” LKA was the first nonprofit by, for, and about HLTS, an overlooked population. Tez coined the term “AIDS Survivor Syndrome (ASS)” to describe the psychosocial ramifications of surviving the AIDS pandemic. 
 He started the annual June 5 HIV Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day in 2014  (HLTSAD.org) to bring attention that leads to action. By issuing a year-long call to action about improving survivors’ quality of life while highlighting the resilience and strength of people living longest with HIV/AIDS.
Tez is recognized for shining a new light on a forgotten unique population—HIV Long-Term Survivors. He consultants on numerous HIV and Aging projects. They include SAGE USA’s HIV & Aging Policy Action Coalition (HAPAC), developing national and state policies, and the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC’s) HIV & Aging Expert Advisory Committee (EAC). He is also on the CDC’s Medical Monitoring Project (MMP). He is a founding member of San Francisco’s HIV and Aging Working group for San Francisco's Long Term Care Coordinating Council (LTCCC), advising the Mayor and City on policy, planning, and service delivery issues for older adults.
A writer, speaker, and longtime HIV/AIDS activist. In 1990 he disclosed his HIV-positive status in People magazine. (http://bit.ly/TezAIDS) He’s appeared in documentaries for the BBC, BBC2, Channel 4 TV (UK), as well as ABC’s 20/20. Tez is the subject of a ten-minute documentary for NBC’s TODAY Show that aired on World AIDS Day 2018 (http://bit.ly/TezAIDS). He has been a guest twice on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross (1992 & 2000).
He has written for Time magazine, POZ, and other publications. He has twice made on the POZ 100 of activists making a difference. 
Learn more at https://LetsKickASS.hiv and https://HLTSAD.org
 https://tezanderson.me @TezAnderson // https://twitter.com/TezAnderson

Tony Enos

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

HIV positive two-spirit pop artist Tony Enos (Cherokee) celebrates over a decade as a singer/songwriter/producer/actor. The two-time Native American Music Award nominee burst onto the pop music scene with his 2012 breakthrough album “The Heat.” His career defining 4th studio album “POSI+IVE,” released in July 2020 on iTunes and all digital music platforms brought Enos out publicly with his HIV status, and amplified the PLWH experience. Additionally, Enos has 14 years of clinical and CBO experience in public health and currently serves as the content expert for the American Indian Community House’s “Health Elders Network.”

Wanona "Nunu" Thomas

Atlanta, Georgia

Wanona (Nunu) Thomas has learned the power of turning her HIV diagnosis into a lifetime goal to reach, educate and encourage others about how to turn Havoc Into Victories.  In August 2017, she founded LIVE IN YOUR TRUTH, a non-profit organization in Milwaukee focused on empowering and inspiring individuals in a life of recovery from diagnosis of life-changing life conditions.
Ms. Thomas found strength in sharing her story and became a blogger for A Girl Like Me for The Well Project and became apart of their Community Advisory Board. She is  an ambassador for The Prevention Access Campaign and Youth  Across the Borders as well as an HIV Expert Consultant for Merck. Since that time, she has shared her journey on national and international platforms, at meetings, conferences and on social media, as a way to engage people in feeling more comfortable with embracing and accepting life.
A single mother of four, Ms. Thomas understands the importance of having a strong support system, and a focus on emotional wellness and mental health in order to reach a stage of recovery that can help transform your life.
Her commitment to health and wellness began with her work as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) where she learned that having a physical or mental condition does not take away from a person’s gift or their purpose for being on this earth.

Yonce Jones

Bronx, New York

Yonce Jones proud woman of trans experience who started working in the prevention field at the age of 15. Yonce's advocacy began as just a summer job in the basement of a community center, where she, along with a few friends, would wake up early the whole summer to go learn about the prevention of HIV. She was proud to receive her first Prevention Certificate of Completion and continues her HIV advocacy today. Yonce has been advocating and speaking on trans issues and rights for about close to 15 years. 
Yonce is a part of Harlem United and AIDS United, and she believes in U=U because it has changed her life by ending the stigma related to HIV care. She says, "I am not a diease, I am simply Yonce from the Bronx. The formula works it will work if you work it."

* PAC is committed to compensating Ambassadors for their time as well as covering expenses for any PAC engagements. We encourage all organizations in the field to ensure people living with HIV are treated with dignity and respect. If finances are a limiting factor for engaging our Ambassadors, please reach out to us so we can discuss strategies for engagement.