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PositiveLite.Com Publisher Bob Leahy In Conversation With Dr. Pietro Vernazza, Famous Author

PositiveLite.Com Publisher Bob Leahy In Conversation With Dr. Pietro Vernazza, Famous Author Of The Once-Scorned Swiss Statement Which Predated U=U By Ten Years.

Dr. Pietro Vernazza, famous pioneering researcher and author of the once-scorned Swiss Statement which stated U=U ten years ago: "I want to say - perhaps I haven’t stressed it enough – the U=U campaign to me is like something I have been expecting for a long time. I was expecting the CDC and physicians, etc. to openly speak about the consequences of our evidence such as HPTN 052. But no, it took the community to finally communicate the truth. I have to congratulate everyone who helped in this movement. I have been approached over the years by many individuals who have a fear of transmitting HIV, it is time, to end the fears! I have talked to many individuals in jail sentenced for not having caused any risk to anybody; still in these days. It is about time that this terror comes to an end. I really think these community members who were active on U=U did a great job."  Read more at PositiveLite.

Source : http://www.positivelite.com/index.php/item/the-man-that-got-it-right


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