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U=U Front and Center at CATIE Forum

The CIHR Canadian HIV Trials Network reports: "At CATIE’s Forum held in Toronto in November 2017, the community led campaign of U=U, or undetectable equals untransmittable, was presented to a large Canadian audience of community and front-line service providers.  Bruce Richman, executive director of the Prevention Access Campaign, spoke about the U=U movement that has dominated discussions in the community throughout 2017 and has been endorsed by over [550] organizations in [71] countries. Many have called the U=U campaign a game changer for promoting healthy living with HIV and providing tools to end structural stigma."  "The U=U consensus statement, issued in July 2016, points out that not all people living with HIV may be in a position to reach an undetectable viral load due to factors limiting treatment access such as inadequate health systems, poverty, racism, denial, stigma, discrimination and criminalization."  Read more in Connections.  


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