Undetectable = Untransmittable   

Celebrate Love U=U
Moses Supercharger with
the Stigmaless Band
Kampala, Uganda
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Research shows people with HIV report improved health outcomes when their providers inform them about U=U

Resources  (Updated February 2021, not all resources are available on mobile version)

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A customizable social marketing campaign that you can use to educate about U=U and encourage engagement in care. See what POZ Magazine has to say about +series.

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Communication Tips: You Can Say Zero Risk

Downloadable U=U summaries & source documents 

NIH Director's Blog, January 2019

NIAID News and JAMA Article, January 2019

The Lancet, May 2019

UNAIDS, July, 2018

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HIV MA page 2-1.jpg
HIV Medicine Association: U=U for Providers
October, 2018
NIAID Viral Suppression Fact Sheet
NIAID at the U.S. National Institutes of Health 
November, 2017
from the NYC Department of Health
June, 2018 
July, 2018
The Power of Undetectable 
English, French
Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (2018)
ibase fact sheet cover.PNG
U=U Fact Sheet
from i-base  
September, 2018 
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ASHM Clinical Guidelines to Discuss U=U

October, 2020
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Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Dear Colleague Letter
October, 2018
U.S. CDC - Dear Colleague Letter - "Effectively No Risk" 
September, 2017
Avert - Treatment as Prevention: 
August, 2017
The Lancet-  U=U Taking Off in 2017
November, 2017

Linkages, FHI360

U=U Fact Sheet

January, 2019

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Ontario AIDS Network U=U Position Statement
December, 2018
Italian U=U Consensus Conference Document (Italiano)
February, 2020
The Well Project - U=U Fact Sheet (English & Spanish)
June, 2018
Apoyo Positivo - Indetectable = Intransmisible - España
Julio, 2017

U=U and Women, Pregnancy & Infant Feeding

CATIE: U=U in pregnancy, childbirth & infant feeding, Spring 2018
The Well Project / Women's Research Institute U=U & Women, June, 2018 
Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 2.00.39 PM.png
ICASO Brief on U=U and Women
September, 2018 

U=U and the Social Determinants of Health 

Getting to undetectable: Population differences in Canada, Fall 2017
Views from the front lines: Getting to undetectable, Fall 2017

U=U and HIV Criminalization

U=U and the overly-broad criminalization of HIV nondisclosure, June 2017
Consensus Statement on U=U in Criminal Law Reform, July 2017
Expert consensus statement on the science of HIV in the context of criminal law, July 2018
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NIH - HIV Treatment & HIV DNA in Semen, March 2018

U=U Buttons


Say This, Not That: Communicating Risk

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U=U and STIs

NAM: STIs make no difference to undetectability, Sept 2018
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PWN Stigmatizing Language Media Guide

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U=U in Multiple Languages

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Public Health Departments as of March, 2021

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U=U Websites, social marketing campaigns, and programs

New York State Untransmittable.org
Campaign (USA)
#UequalsU Maryland Campaign (USA)
Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 1.02.20 PM.png
Terrence Higgins Trust - Can't Pass it On - National (UK) 
Housing Works - Undetectables - city-wide  (USA) 
London HIV Prevention Programme - Do It London -city-wide (UK)  
Washington, DC DOH - #DCTakesonHIV city-wide (USA)
FLS - Indetectable = Intransmisible - España

Downloadable materials from

Baltimore City Health Department


Research on U=U


Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) is a movement based in science, but the ways it is changing the lives of people living with HIV and the HIV field as a whole is increasingly a part of ongoing research. Please find a list of research related to U=U here.

Examples of infographics and public health communications 

valentines day nam aidsmap
valentines day nam aidsmap

The Benefits of Knowing Your Status

International AIDS Society - CH
International AIDS Society - CH

Infographic February, 2017

National Institutes of Health  - USA
National Institutes of Health - USA


Minnesota Department of Health - USA
Minnesota Department of Health - USA


European CDC
European CDC



Social media

British HIV Association - UK
British HIV Association - UK


NAM aidsmap - UK
NAM aidsmap - UK

Infographic February, 2017


Infographic & website

Avert - UK
Avert - UK



New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene's #STAYSURE city-wide campaign December, 2016

Minnesota Department of Health - USA
Minnesota Department of Health - USA

Outdoor transit campaign

DC Department of Health - USA
DC Department of Health - USA

Washington D.C. Department of Health's city-wide campaign "DCTakesonHIV" June, 2017

DC Department of Health - USA
DC Department of Health - USA

Washington D.C. Department of Health's city-wide campaign "DCTakesonHIV" June, 2017

Pride for Youth - USA
Pride for Youth - USA

Social Marketing Campaign and Website

Pride for Youth - USA
Pride for Youth - USA

Social Marketing Campaign and Website


Codman Square Heath Center in Boston - Social marketing campaign

Downloadable Presentations




NAM aidsmap / British HIV Association


Video & Deck of U=U Presentation 

"Talking to Patients about U=U


Featuring Matthew Hodson,

Executive Director of NAM aidsmap





Life 4 Me + Presentation

Download English U=U Powerpoint Deck

What is U=U? 

CBC News  Interview with Bruce Richman (December, 2017)

Videos and podcast

UU 18 LOGO.jpg

NYC Healthy - Made Equal  (June, 2019)

HIV Vereninging -  The Global Message of  U=U (July., 2018) 

Apoyo Positivo, Spain   #sientemariposas #cerodiscriminación #haztesentir  Spanish (March 2017) 

NIH Interview on Viral Suppression with Dr. Carl Dieffenbach, Director of the Division of AIDS at National Institutes of Health, U.S. (Nov., 2016)

Prevention Access Campaign's Undetectable = Untransmittable (August, 2016)

CAS ONUSIDA  "Accept the Challenge 2" English/Spanish  (December, 2017)

CBS Evening News with Roscoe Boyd (December, 2017)

CATIE  "What is U=U" with Bruce Richman (November, 2017)

U=U Music - (Sing Along!) from Uganda

Celebrate Love U=U performance by Moses Supercharger & The Stigmaless Band at ICASA Conference - Ivory Coast (December, 2017)  Listen to the full song on the audio player to the right: 

U=U in the studio with Danny Ssemuli & William Matovu from Love to Love Organization in Kampala, Uganda with production by Moses Rain (December, 2017)

pozcast Episode 1: Undetectable = Untransmittable - Edmiston; Betts
00:00 / 00:00
A person living with HIV who has an undetectable viral load does not transmit the virus to their partners. To discuss this significant advance in science and its impact, James Watson, host of pozcast, talks to two people passionate about the topic and the messaging: Laurie Edmiston, the Executive Director of the Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) and Adrian Betts an HIV positive activist, and the Executive Director of an AIDS service organization in Ontario.
NOTE:   An undetectable or fully suppressed viral load only prevents HIV transmission. Condoms help prevent HIV as well as other STIs and pregnancy. The HIV prevention method you choose may be different depending upon your sexual practices and relationships. For instance, if you’re having sex with multiple partners or in a non-monogamous relationship, you might consider using PrEP to prevent HIV and/or condoms to help prevent HIV as well as other STIs.