U=U Social Scholars

July 22, 2018. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Prevention Access Campaign and the U=U movement was thrilled to invite the community to experience AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam through the unique perspectives of eight diverse people living with HIV.


The “U=U Social Scholars Program” sponsored by the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, shared the experiences of the eight scholars at the U=U pre-conference and throughout AIDS 2018 through collaborative social media channels. 


Each of the Scholars - Christian Hui (Canada), Tiommi Luckett (USA), William Matovu (Uganda), Lucy Wanjiku Njenga (Kenya), Karl Schmid (USA), Charlie Tredway (New Zealand), Jennifer Vaughan (USA), and Esther Williams (UK) - has played an important leadership role in the Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) campaign, a movement in nearly 100 countries to convey the scientific fact: people living with HIV who take medications as prescribed and have a suppressed or undetectable viral load cannot sexually transmit the virus.


Lauded as a “game changer” by the National Institutes of Health Office of AIDS Research, and by The Lancet as a “hugely important campaign based on a solid foundation of scientific evidence,” U=U has the power to transform HIV prevention and care and liberate people with HIV from decades of HIV stigma and fear. 


“It’s going to be a fascinating and fun week,” said Bruce Richman who is the Executive Director of Prevention Access Campaign, which launched the U=U movement. “We’re thrilled that Janssen supports our goal to make the incredibly vibrant and educational experience of the International AIDS Conference accessible to the broader community in unique and personal ways, through the eyes of each scholar.” 


“Being a community voice is all I aim for, as well as ensuring no one is left behind when it comes to sharing information,” said Lucy Wanjiku Njenga. “This is why being a U=U Scholar is so important to me and to the young people who will get to be part of the process through social media. We cannot have enough of U=U, I will keep shouting from the rooftops until it's our new normal.” 


Janssen was the first pharmaceutical company to join the campaign in September 2017. 

To see the videos taken by the scholars and their U=U experience at AIDS 2018, follow #UUSCHOLARS #UUAIDS2018 and visit the www.preventionaccess.org/AIDS2018 for other related information.



The U=U Social Scholars Program is sponsored by Janssen Therapeutics, Division of Janssen Products, LP, part of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.o

U=U Social Scholars' LIVE Videos


To view the U=U Social Scholars' videos, please visit the desktop site. 


#UUSocialScholars @KarlSchmid

Karl Schmid's LIVE Videos

Karl Schmid says hello from Amsterdam #AIDS2018 #UUScholars

Karl Schmid interviews Dr. Gottfried Hirnschall (WHO) #UUScholars

Karl chats w/ Timonthy Brown, only man cured of HIV #UUScholars

Karl Schmid holds a very meaningful live interview  #UUScholars

Karl Schmid chats with Haitian physician  #UUScholars

Karl Schmid interviews Keith Dunn of Jannsen #UUScholars

 Karl Schmid interviews Dr. Anthony S. Fauci (NIAID) #UUScholars

Karl Schmid chats with activist William Matovu #UUScholars

Karl Schmid chats with U=U Founder Bruce Richman  #UUScholars

Karl Schmid interviews Mercy Ngulube at #AIDS2018  #UUScholars

Karl Schmid chats with head of int'l programs, Haiti #UUScholars

Karl Schmid w/ Andreas Lundstedt from Alcazar #UUScholars


#UUSocialScholars @Vongirl24

Jennifer Vaughan's LIVE Videos

Jennifer Vaughan's #Instagramstory Vlog #UUScholars

Jennifer Vaughan interviews Stephen Hart (#HartTalks) #UUScholars

Jennifer Vaughan #AIDS2018 Vlog Day1 #UUScholars

Jennifer w/ her HIV doctor, Dr. Wendy Leonard  #UUScholars 

Jennifer Vaughan interviews Ken Pinkela (Part 1) #UUScholars 

Jennifer Vaughan interviews Ken Pinkela (Part 2) #UUScholars 

Jennifer Vaughan's Day 2 Vlog #UUScholars

Jennifer Vaughan's Day 3 Vlog #UUScholars

Jennifer goes on a walking tour of the Global Village #UUScholars

Jennifer Vaughan #DonateAPhoto & #MakeHIVHistory #UUScholars

Jennifer Vaughan with Arda Karapinar of Turkey Pt. 1 #UUScholars

Jennifer Vaughan with Arda Karapinar of Turkey Pt. 2 #UUScholars

Jennifer Vaughan chats with Aporo Sarah of Kenya #UUScholars

Jennifer Vaughan chats with Chad Clarke of Canada #UUScholars

Jennifer w/ Shannan (UK) from the Red Light District #UUScholars

Jennifer Vaughan's Day 5 Vlog at #AIDS2018 #UUScholars

#UUSocialScholars @TJ30Trust

Tiommi Jenae Luckett's LIVE Videos

Tiommi Jenae Luckett at #UUAIDS2018 #UUScholars

Tiommi Luckett reports on #UUAIDS2018 Panel #UUScholars

Tiommi at "Where is the $ for Trans Movement"Panel #UUScholars

#UUSocialScholars @Chui108

Christian Hui's LIVE Videos

Christian Hui at the Sex Worker's Opera #UUScholars

Christian Hui at IAPAC Fast Track Cities Reception #UUScholars

Christian chats with Joanne Simons (Casey House) #UUScholars

Christian at IAPAC Event w/ speech by Dr. Phanuphak #UUScholars

#UUSocialScholars @LucyWanjikun 

Lucy Wanjiku Njenga's LIVE Videos

Lucy Njenga speaks on a #UUAIDS2018 panel on risks #UUScholars

Lucy Njenga talks #UequalsU at the networking zone #UUScholars

Lucy Njenga interviews activist Gina Marie Brown #UUScholars

Lucy Njenga speaks with Uwase Nadege (Rwanda) #UUScholars 

Lucy Njenga speaks on panel with "Queens & Kings" #UUScholars

Lucy Njenga shows what is at the Global Village  #UUScholars

Lucy Njenga says goodbye to Amsterdam #UUScholars

#UUSocialScholars @CharlieTredway

Charlie Tredways's LIVE Videos

Charlie Tredway on his first day at #AIDS2018  #UUScholars 

Charlie Tredway goes live with Bruce Richman  #UUScholars

Charlie preps for the #TowardsZeroTogether March #UUScholars

#UUSocialScholars @MatovuWilliam1

William Matovu's LIVE Videos

William Matovu Vlog Day Summary #UUScholars

William sings "#UequalsU It's a Game Changer" #UUScholars

William at the #AIDS2018 90-90-90 Targets Session #UUScholars

William Matovu talks  #UequalsU & viral suppression  #UUScholars

William Matovu speaks about #HIVColonialism #UUScholars 

William Matovu's Vlog Summary of the Day #UUScholars

William: B. Richman's closing summary at #AIDS2018 #UUScholars

#UUSocialScholars @EstherDiWi

Esther Dixon-Williams's LIVE Videos

Esther Dixon-Williams at release of PARTNER2 Results #UUScholars

Esther: Dmytriiev Sergii (All-Ukrainian Ntwk of PLHIV) #UUScholars

Esther:Lucy Njenga at #UeqaulsU Networking Zone (2) #UUScholars

Esther: Activists protest for people who use drugs (2) #UUScholars

Esther Dixon-Williams with Lucy Wanjiku Njenga #UUScholars

Esther: Lucy Njenga at #UeqaulsU NetworkingZone (1) #UUScholars

Esther: Activists protest for people who use drugs (1) #UUScholars

Esther: Activists protest for people who use drugs (1) #UUScholars