Thank you to the researchers who endorsed the consensus statement on negligible risk which launched the U=U movement: Dr. Myron Cohen, Dr. Demetre C. Daskalakis, Dr. Andrew Grulich, Dr. Jens Lundgren, Dr. Julio Montaner, and Dr. Pietro Vernazza. Thank you to the many folks and their teams behind the campaign including all of PAC's Founding Task Force; Murray Penner and NASTAD the first NGO to sign on to the U=U campaign; Charles King and Housing  Works the first ASO in the US to sign on to the U=U campaign; Professor Carrie Foote of Indiana University-Indianapolis  HIV Modernization Movement;  Laurie Edmiston of CATIE; Johanne Morne of NY State Department of Health, the first state to sign on to the campaign; Michael Kharfen of Washington D.C. Department of Health; Naina Khanna, Jennie Smith-Camejo and many of the powerful activists of Positive Women's Network - USA; JD Davids of; Oriol Guttierez of POZ; Kathie Hiers of AIDS Alabama;  Mayor Anne Hidalgo and Eve Plenel of the City of  Paris; Joe Hollendonor of San Francisco AIDS Foundation; Paul Kawata and Matt Rose of National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC); Ian Green and Michael Brady of Terrence Higgins Trust; Matthew Hodson and Gus Cairns of NAM aidsmap; Aurélien Beaucamp of AIDES; Florence Thune of Sidaction; Lella Cosmaro of Lila; Peter Staley; Noel Gordon of Human Rights Campaign; Dong Do Dang of VNP+; Mark S. King of; Krista Martel of The Well Project; Dazon Dixon Diallo of Sister Love, Inc.; Linda-Gail Bekker of Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation; Catherine Hanssens and team at Center for HIV Law & Policy; Edwin Bernard of HIV Justice Network; Kevin Maloney, Maria Mejia, Christian Hui, Davina Connor, Roscoe Boyd, Josh Middleton, Charles Sanchez, Raul Robles, Josh Robbins, Esther Williams, Brent Allan, Mary Ann Torres, Marama Pala, Jennifer Vaughan, Charlie Treadway, and Brady Dale Morris; Kiara St. James of New York Transgender Advocacy Group; Denis LeBlanc for global outreach; Bob Leahy of for launching U=U throughout Canada. Thank you to Jesse Milan, Jr. and team from AIDS United for their early support of the campaign. Thank you to Tom Viola and team from Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS for being the first courageous funder to take a risk on redefining the risk. Thank you to the thousands more U=U advocates and activists who are changing what it means to live with HIV. 
Thank you to our esteemed colleagues at the U.S. federal health departments for their thoughtful and timely review of the science and engagement in the review process: Dr. Richard Wolitski, Dr. Jonathan Mermin, Dr. Eugene McCray, Dr. David Purcell, Dr. John Brooks and teams. 
We are tremendously grateful for the global leadership of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Carl Dieffenbach at NIAID who spoke out unequivocally in support of U=U in advance of the U.S federal health departments and most of the world.  Thank you to Anne Rancourt and team at NIAID who provided invaluable strategic and communications advice as well as critical communications tools since the beginning of the campaign when most of the world was silent.  
Thank you to Dr. Alison Rodger and the entire PARTNER2 executive committee for your extraordinary groundbreaking work and for going out of your way to support and pay tribute to U=U and Prevention Access Campaign in your press release and presentations at AIDS 2018. 
Special thank you to the pioneering Dr. Julio Montaner for developing the concept of Treatment as Prevention (TasP) the foundation upon which U=U is based.  We are tremendously grateful to Dr. Pietro Vernazza, the author of the groundbreaking Swiss Statement, for his bold advocacy to greatly improve the lives of people living with HIV. Dr. Vernazza and the Swiss Statement are finally being vindicated today.